The Supreme Wisdom of Letting Go

By Donna L Greenwood

Why Is She Here?

This is the prologue to a future novel entitled ‘Blood’ written by Candise Mitton and Donna L Greenwood, under the pseudonym ‘Donna Candy’.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.   She forces herself to concentrate on each breath.  In. Out. She is lying on a hard floor; her eyes are closed.  All around her is motion whilst she is stasis. In her hands she holds a part of herself that should be in her stomach. The mass feels hot and slippery and she knows that she must keep pressing it back inside the hole in her abdomen or she will die. Why is she here?  A few moments ago she’d been drinking cocktails, but now the smell of tequila has mingled with a metallic, faecal stench.  The sound of screaming has diminished to a silver shrill; the noise of her own breath supersedes all else. In. Out.  A single thought is circling her mind. Tommy.  Tommy had been drinking Margaritas with her when the fireworks started – no, not fireworks, gunshots.  She concentrates on controlling her breathing.  In. Out. In. Out. She must open her eyes.  She must find Tommy. Her eyelids flicker open and she stares at the flashing red sign of Bunnies nightclub. All around her, the panicked survivors are twisting a lunatic dance, strobing in and out of existence. In. Out.  With a trance-like slowness, she turns her head and sees Tommy lying on the floor next to her. His head has opened up and he is lying in a red shallow pool.  His eyes are black and filled with blood.  She stares into the ragged hole blasted into the forehead of her husband of one day.





She lets her hand fall away from her stomach.


Author: Donna L Greenwood

Writer of twisted tales, flash fiction and poetry.

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